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Avon Adventures

21 Oct

We have these amazing family friends that own a condo up in Avon, Colorado. They have been so sweet in allowing my family to stay there whenever we need time away. This place is absolutely incredible. Their condo is on the top of Beaver Creek ski resort. Not only is the condo itself beautiful, but the scenery is breath taking. A wrap around porch over looks the slopes and allows you to see for miles just looking outward. We have been there a total of three times now, and just got back from our third adventure.

Back in April I thought it would be really fun to plan a trip up there for my sisters 21st birthday. She is so in love with Avon and the condo, so I knew it would be a no brainer to go there to celebrate. It was not easy trying to get all five of our schedules to line up and took several months to figure out.

I made Nat this collage and wrapped it up as an early birthday present. We weren’t able to go over the week of her actual birthday, which was okay because it only extended her birthday even more.


We spent six days of literal bliss in a place where you are constantly surrounded by the Lords creation. What could be better?

Ever since I moved out in May, I haven’t seen my family as much and it is getting more and more rare that we can all get together. Being able to spend the week with them was exactly what my heart needed. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the family that I was given, they are all such a blessing to me.

The best part about this trip is how relaxing it was. We didn’t even do anything big. We just hung out, drank A LOT of coffee, went on hikes (I saw my first bear), and drove to a couple of different mountain towns.

This post is about to be blown up with photos. I don’t think there is a better way to describe a trip than with pictures.

So here you go, enjoy.


On our first hike we saw two bears! Instead of heading away from them, my dad wanted to risk our lives just so he could take a picture. (They’re sitting on top of the fence at the very end).






On the way to Leadville.



One day I will own a bakery. One day.


Went to the cutest antique store in Leadville.



Small town movie theater in Edwards.


Biggest hike we did. Most tiring, exhilarating experience.


First snow of the season!


A starbucks a day…




Picked up a souvenir on our hike. His name is Lemmington.


Until next time beautiful Avon Colorado. Thank you for treating us so well. Xoxo.

Love, Lindsi.

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